Dr May Ann Wong


Dr. Wong is a dedicated female GP with a passion for delivering comprehensive healthcare. Originally hailing from the Philippines, she brings a diverse perspective to her medical practice. Dr. Wong's expertise spans a wide spectrum of healthcare services, making her a valued member of the medical community.

With a special interest in general medicine, children's health, women's health, chronic disease management, worker's compensation, and mental health care, Dr. Wong is committed to providing holistic and patient-centered care. Her approach combines medical knowledge with a deep sense of empathy, ensuring that her patients receive the best possible treatment and guidance.

One of Dr. Wong's notable contributions is her role in running the Iron Infusion Clinic at Nicholson Road Medical Group. This clinic is a testament to her dedication to improving the health and well-being of her patients. Iron infusions can be a vital treatment for individuals dealing with iron deficiency from various reasons, and Dr. Wong's expertise in this area provides an essential resource for the community.

Dr. Wong's commitment to her patients and her drive to make a positive impact in healthcare is evident in her daily work. She's not only a healthcare provider but also a trusted partner in her patients' well-being, offering support and guidance to help them lead healthier lives.

Dr May Ann Wong consults in English and Tagalog (Filipino).

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