Dr Kyaw Zin Wai 

Diploma in Child Health (DCH) 

Dr. Wai is a highly skilled male GP originally hailing from Myanmar. His journey in medicine is marked by a strong commitment to patient care and a wide range of medical expertise.

Dr. Wai's passion and dedication have made him a valuable asset to the medical community. With a special interest in general medicine, children's health, chronic disease management, weight management, worker's compensation, and mental health care, Dr. Wai is well-equipped to address a variety of healthcare needs. His comprehensive approach to patient care, combined with his empathetic and understanding nature, ensures that his patients receive the best possible medical attention.

Dr. Wai's expertise extends to weight management, a critical aspect of overall health. He's dedicated to helping patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight, which is essential for both physical and mental well-being. His involvement in worker's compensation cases reflects his commitment to supporting individuals during challenging times. Dr. Wai understands the importance of timely and effective healthcare in such situations, and he works diligently to provide the necessary care and documentation to facilitate a smooth recovery process.

Furthermore, Dr. Wai's specialisation in mental health care underscores his dedication to the holistic well-being of his patients. He provides essential guidance and support to those dealing with mental health challenges, promoting mental wellness and a higher quality of life.

Dr. Wai's origins and cultural background, coupled with his medical expertise, make him an exceptional healthcare provider. He's not just a GP; he's a compassionate advocate for the health and happiness of his patients.

Dr Kyaw Zin Wai consults in English and Burmese (Myanmar).

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